yesterday i shampooed my eye. on accident, of course, but still. really? how do things like that still happen? i know how to wash my hair. i know that getting shampoo in your eyes is a bad idea. but sometimes that autopilot that we rely on for certain things falls asleep at the wheel. like when you’re chewing something and suddenly bite the hell out of your cheek. or drinking something and you get it down the wrong pipe and start coughing uncontrollably. those things, i guess i can’t help, but at least i can buy some no-more-tears shampoo.


2 responses to “autopilot

  • Stephanie Bennis

    Haha, I’ve been there! I’m also the person that will be rushing around trying to get more done in less time and end up spilling, breaking or forgetting something and making more work for myself in the long run. It’s always worth slowing down and taking a few breaths!

  • irreverence press

    you’re exactly right! sometimes i hear that little voice in my head that says “you know, you probably shouldn’t do this…” and whenever i ignore it, something bad happens. i cut my thumb chopping that last piece of onion i should’ve just tossed. i knock my coffee mug off the nightstand and all over my white carpet. etc. 🙂 learning to listen to that voice is an ongoing process for me!

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