love list

oh, goodness. today is just one of those DAYS and it deserves to be recognized.

i’ve only been up for two hours, but it’s been amazing.

  • sunlight streaming through bedroom window when i woke.
  • fluffiest pup in the world curled up like a bean right next to me.
  • rumpling her further for a few minutes while she stretches, snouts & paws.
  • put on my favorite new outfit: tunic sweatshirt, leggings, big socks & uggs.
  • fireplace cranking it out when i got downstairs.
  • that fresh fall scent sneaking in when i let loo out.
  • coffee – peet’s french – a big pot.
  • two mugs full, leisurely.
  • packer game on espn gamecast, phone chirping me score alerts.
  • inspiration hits – asked loo if she wanted a walk; she responded enthusiastically.
  • stunning, gorgeous, cool fall day – colorful leaves, crispy breeze, shiny loo-fluff rippling, big doggie grin, waterfront beauty, ominous clouds moving in, racing ahead of the rain.
  • another cup of coffee? sure.
  • decided to poach eggs. excellent decision. perched on crispy toasted english muffin, salt & pepp.
  • day ain’t even done.


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