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i haven’t been writing enough lately. i always say that for me, reading and writing is like living and breathing. it’s no wonder that i’ve felt so lifeless lately. i’m not sure what derailed me from my semi-regular blogging from before, but it’s been months and something about going back doesn’t feel quite right. so i figured i’d start fresh, somewhere new. maybe it’ll be the kick i need to get back in the good habit.

irreverence press was always meant to be the name of my future greeting card company with my bestie sabrina. in the absence of that, it seems a fitting name for my new home and host. i know breeze will support it.

my goal is to write often, honestly, and openly. i never shared much of what i wrote before, and in hindsight i think that’s ok for where i was at the time. but i feel a need to express myself more accountably.

welcome to irreverence press. i can’t promise anything, but hope to encounter everything.