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dim bulb

on our way home from watching the badger game tonight, my brother informed me that i should replace my car’s headlights. i asked him why, and he asked me when was the last time i replaced them. i told him never, and he said “that’s why.” so then i argued that they’re not burned out, so obviously they still work, so why would i replace them?

am i the only person on earth who didn’t know that headlights dim over time, even if they haven’t burned out? i still think andy was pulling my leg.

i’m a little disappointed in my own self-sufficiency that this was such an ah-ha moment for me.


no fnl? fml.

ohhhhhhhh friday night lights. i just finished watching the final season, which i dvr’d weeks ago and had been doling out in small doses as time permitted. this is a show i have quietly LOVED since sabrina first introduced me to it years ago. she promised me i’d love it – she’s usually right, but never more so than here.

i sobbed through pretty much the entire final episode. it hadn’t really occurred to me how much i would miss the characters. for once, i actually cared about the people in the story and what was happening to them. i’m not that heartless, it’s just that usually tv characters are pretty one-note and don’t do much to pull you in. but fnl? i loved everyone. coach taylor? my god, he was fantastic. tammy taylor? loooooved her. tim riggins? heartbreak and hotness on a platter.

the finale did a great job of bringing back past characters in believable ways, so we learned where they ended up without it feeling too contrived the way finales often feel.

now that it’s over, i realize how much i’m really going to miss it. there are some shows i watch pretty regularly, but few i’ve ever cared about this much.

next season is gonna suck without it.