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threadbare 3: threadnekkid

packing a suitcase can really paint one’s clothing situation in a harsh light. if i only have two pairs of jeans that fit me, but the inseam of each requires heel-wearing, then what do i wear to slog through a muddy vineyard?


calling inaudible

i’ve had a couple days to reflect on this and am ready to own up to it.

actual quote i overheard myself saying: “ugh, i can’t stand that kind of music. you can’t understand a single word coming out of their mouth!”

it’s official. i’ve become my parents. only theirs was circa 1992 regarding rap, whereas mine was last week and concerning death metal.

in retrospect, the genre i was speaking of is so crazy and niche anyway that i don’t really feel bad about it. i mean, death metal all sounds like some really angry german with a bad case of laryngitis.

oh god. i’m just making it worse, aren’t i?

shh. just shhhhhh…